Future 96L (Dorian)


mrjamie: Chris Rose has a book called one dead in the attic. Aug 28, 2015 21:24:20 GMT -6
karmafo: I've had to stop watching all together. I catch a few minutes on Facebook posts here and there but overall, I think reliving all of that again is just too painful. I have been enjoying the articulate writings of Chris Rose on NolaWill. Aug 28, 2015 18:45:50 GMT -6
bigstevo29: I would have liked a weak TD to come into my area as a drought buster and give my area some much needed rain but it looks like that's not going to happen. 8-) Aug 26, 2015 21:05:28 GMT -6
shelbysmom: No way can I watch that alli. With the following months of our bureau being flung all over the place, just too much Aug 20, 2015 21:14:17 GMT -6
allicat1214: WWL is airing a Hurricane Katrina special. I already have goose bumps and have tears in my eyes. I don't think I can watch anymore... :'( Aug 20, 2015 18:08:28 GMT -6 *
nolachic: Thanks for the emoticon Sky - and its red! *wine Aug 20, 2015 12:03:44 GMT -6
coffeecups: chat chat well I'm still here! Hey everyone! Aug 20, 2015 11:26:16 GMT -6
skysummit: Haha...we've always had a chat room here, just never use it. We did use one a few years ago during a hurricane threat, and it was quite active. Honestly, I forget about it myself. Aug 19, 2015 21:06:36 GMT -6
southernchelle: I haven't been in a chat room since like 1997! HaHa!! :) Cool idea :) Aug 19, 2015 21:03:01 GMT -6
skysummit: how about this one: *wine Aug 19, 2015 20:39:30 GMT -6
skysummit: I just used my GCWX username so people know who I am. Also, open it in a new tab so you can also keep the forum open. Aug 19, 2015 20:35:17 GMT -6
skysummit: HAHAHA...find one, and I'll be happy to add it. Hell, I may just go look for one myself. BTW, we added a new chat room to try out. Just click chat room at the top. It's not part of GCWX so you'll have to register. Aug 19, 2015 20:34:50 GMT -6
nolachic: At this point, I may need a "drinking wine" Smiley! Aug 19, 2015 20:15:52 GMT -6
skysummit: BTW, if you all have any other favorite smileys you use, hit me up with them and I'll get them added. Aug 18, 2015 22:49:41 GMT -6
southernchelle: i love it! i'll need a real coffee from staying up so late watching these models...we haven't had this much action in a LOOOONG time! Aug 18, 2015 22:21:08 GMT -6
skysummit: lol...that coffee icon is getting a work out Aug 18, 2015 22:20:20 GMT -6
southernchelle: radishes ehh?? interesting... Aug 18, 2015 22:05:20 GMT -6
allicat1214: Well Scarlett O'Hara just dug up radishes and vowed never to go hungry again over on TCM. ... computer_coffee Aug 18, 2015 22:02:05 GMT -6
southernchelle: this is way more interesting than anything on TV right now... computer_coffee Aug 18, 2015 21:46:06 GMT -6
bambinola: Been raining in Reserve for the last few hours.. Lots of Lightning and thunder... and pretty heavy consistent downpour Aug 18, 2015 14:24:01 GMT -6