Future 96L (Dorian)


coffeecups: space, sky, clouds, weather, satellites, planes, etc, all but the white stuff for those who would like to see it once in a while. Dec 18, 2014 21:30:40 GMT -6
skysummit: what's up Dec 18, 2014 19:14:55 GMT -6
tgrgrd00: Sstorm there should be a Donate button on the top right of the page under the banner. It's easy. Dec 16, 2014 18:13:32 GMT -6
Sstorm: How do I become a GCWX Supporter? Dec 16, 2014 15:18:13 GMT -6
skysummit: Well, I bet they're not loving today though....too many reports of high winds, trees down, and flooding. Dec 11, 2014 12:50:53 GMT -6
skysummit: California has to be loving this fall so far. They've been staying pretty wet. Dec 10, 2014 17:58:36 GMT -6
skysummit: We saw countless dust devils last summer during our cross country road trip. I love to watch them. Dec 10, 2014 17:57:52 GMT -6
weunice: Look out! Day 3 looks like something might be going on in California ... like a dust devil or something ... seriously though, the most wicked dust devil I ever saw was just outside of Sacramento Dec 10, 2014 14:15:56 GMT -6
skysummit: Unsure coffee....models don't go out that far just yet. Dec 2, 2014 14:57:36 GMT -6
coffeecups: ps. I wonder what California weather enthusiasts drink, eat, or do while watching the weather that almost stays the same. Dec 2, 2014 14:49:15 GMT -6
coffeecups: Mr. California weather must be at Lake Pontchatrain now. Sky, can we expect some cold weather by the 20th? Just asking. Dec 2, 2014 14:46:47 GMT -6
skysummit: This must be what it feels like to be a weather enthusiast living in southern California. Dec 2, 2014 13:41:53 GMT -6
skysummit: Man we need some action. Dec 2, 2014 13:40:46 GMT -6
coffeecups: IF IF IF ! The Saints are like that food you love but it gives you heartburn. I hope you're right Sky!! Dec 1, 2014 8:30:05 GMT -6
skysummit: Well, if today's Saints team shows up each week, offense, defense, and special teams, we're going on a 5 game winning streak into the playoffs. Nov 30, 2014 21:27:05 GMT -6
coffeecups: And how many times in the past have the Saints proved that they can easily lose the easy games!!!! Sorry, guess I'm becoming a doubter in my old age! Nov 29, 2014 14:31:32 GMT -6
skysummit: It's so funny....the Saints just need to win Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa, and they're Division Champs and in the playoffs. They can lose to both Pittsburgh and Chicago. Nov 28, 2014 21:53:58 GMT -6
coffeecups: I hope the Saints can turn around their losing in the Mercedes Bentz dome when they play Atlanta and Carolina! Nov 28, 2014 19:18:19 GMT -6
lawxnut: I'm just somewhat surprised they won last night!!! Nov 28, 2014 17:46:53 GMT -6
skysummit: Well, we tried our hardest to give that game away, but thankfully came through in the end. You could see a few glimpses of offensive hope for next season. Let's hope it carries through. Nov 27, 2014 22:41:53 GMT -6